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Formed in 2001 to provide businesses with professional software development services - our founders have over 30 years of combined Information Technology experience in fields varying from Credit Card processing, Banking, Government, and Vendor Software. 

Specializing in leveraging Legacy Systems to develop Data Warehouses, Jericho Solutions can provide your company with highly skilled professionals that will develop technical solutions for your business requirements.  We also provide specialist in Business Objects to help you retrieve critical business information from your Data Warehouse.

Whether it be Managing a large-scale project from conception to turn-over, Leading a development team to complete project requirements, or as Professionals that bring years of experience in designing and implementing project requirements, Jericho Solutions will provide you with the highest level of service and quality results.

Our Team
Richard Puhl

Rich began his career in 1987 after graduating from Grumman Data Systems in New York.   Rich has worked in a variety of industries including Credit Card processing, Banking, Transportation, and Government Services.  

For the past 17 years, Rich has been concentrating on Data Warehouse solutions utilizing Teradata.  He is a Certified Teradata Master and has been putting these skills to use in developing Fraud Detection systems for State Tax processing systems. Rich is also an expert in developing Business Objects Universes and Report Writing. 

He also is an MVS Batch systems specialist utilizing Cobol, Assembler, IDMS, DB2, and JCL.  In addition to Batch streams, Rich has also put his Assembler to work in the development of various MVS real-time processing systems as well as various CICS systems.  

Oh -- and he is a 3rd Dan Taekwondo Instructor and Referee!

Suzanne Heslewood

Suzanne is a Graduate of Salem College.  In 1988 she was accepted by EDS into their Programming curriculum and her career has never looked back.  Her EDS training and years of experience has led her to become a CICS specialist.  Her abilities to analyze, design, and implement on-line systems been some of her key strengths over the years. 

Suzanne is a stickler for testing and produces an efficient product that requires little enhancements over time.  Additionally, Suzanne has effectively managed Teams and Projects throughout her career and her years of experience has made her an invaluable asset.
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